About us

Septième Rebelle

Septième Rebelle is a luxury made-to-order brand for men and women. All styles are designed by the label’s Director, Robert Bjorn O. Santos, who trained at Istituto Marangoni-Paris, London College of Fashion, and Central Saint Martins.
Septième Rebelle speaks of discreet luxury, underlining the importance of meticulous finishing. Fabrics and materials are sourced globally – Asia, Europe, and North America. Thus, clients are assured on having the best quality garments from Septième Rebelle.
Understated and refined, designs pay attention to the detail, color, and cut. Designs have elegant silhouettes, but also reflect a sassy and bold twist. The brand aims to create exquisite pieces for every moment of a client’s life. In today’s age of ready-to-wear and “fast fashion”, Septième Rebelle maintains to be different; to rebel against the new norm; and to encourage its clients to maintain their own individuality.

Contemporary takes on beadwork, embroidery, and other forms of deluxe finishing are constantly seen in its seasonal collections.

Apart from having strict quality control and impeccable after-sales relationship, Septième Rebelle is proud of its highly punctual service.